Reinventing the Apple – Graduation Gifts for Teachers and Students from Sweettrio

Graduation season is upon us – with many accomplishments to celebrate. Amid all of the new beginnings, don’t forget the people who helped you start writing your life story. Gifts for your teachers, professors or even classmates can be both extraordinary and affordable with Sweettrio. Doesn’t a truly special teacher deserve more than another paperweight shaped like an apple?

What is the origin of giving teachers apples? Apples were first brought to America as a small, bitter fruit that was used to make hard cider. When the temperance movement grew and alcohol production shrank, farmers bred larger and sweeter versions of the fruit for eating. Teachers on the American frontier were often fed and provided for by their students and families – and thus the tradition of bringing apples to teachers was born. wisconsin_graduation_gift_ideas_large

A Very Special Apple – No Polishing Needed

Why not keep this historic and uniquely American tradition alive when considering graduation gifts for your special teachers? Our collection of handmade caramel apples range from modern to classic, with an option for every palate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, classic peanut orfancy cashew – you can give a unique apple to each person on your list. Our truly gourmet caramel apples are an impressive (and edible) gift for all of the teachers that helped your graduate succeed.

Finishing an education degree? This is also a creative graduation gift idea for your college classmates, or those who mentored you in your student teaching experiences. School administrators can thank their staff for another year done will with our caramel apples – a nod to tradition with a sweet twist.

Wisconsin Made Graduation Gift Ideas – Large and Small

Beyond apples, we have many Wisconsin-made options that are the perfect sweet farewell to your classmates, college professors, or for the friends and family who have supported your academic journey. For a small gift, our Trio Sampler box has our Brownie Bites, Sea Salt Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Truffles, Turtles, and more – all hand made in Grafton, Wisconsin. Looking for something bigger? Our signature collection gift box has two levels of our finest products, both sweet and savory. Easy to share, this is an ideal group gift for all of the school staff who helped your graduate succeed.

Do you need for graduation party favors or food ideas? Combine dessert and favors in one – and leave all of the work to us. We can create custom graduation candy (or cookies, or brownie bitesor anything you can imagine) with your graduation year, school colors, or party theme included. Mark a special event or create a delicious new tradition with graduation gift ideas from Sweettrio.

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