Easter Basket Ideas from Sweettrio

easterWith the arrival of the Easter season, chocolate bunnies and many other treats are hopping onto store shelves. These traditional treats have been around for many generations, but what are their origins? It’s easy enough to understand how rabbits came to symbolize spring, but where did the baskets of Easter chocolate come in? The tradition of the Easter Bunny originated with German Lutherans. Similar to Santa Claus, he judged children as naughty or nice, and brought them treats on the night before the holiday. The legend of the Easter bunny came to America with German immigrants in the 1700s. Gift Easter bunnies were originally made of cardboard or paper mache – the hollow figures often held candy and other treats.

Chocolate Easter bunnies first appeared in America in the 1800s. Though World War II chocolate rationing paused their production, the bunnies bounced back in a big way after the war. The bunnies are often hollow in order to be easier to eat (and less expensive for candy companies to make). Today, Easter is second only to Halloween in the amount spent on candy. Who will you be treating on Easter morning?

Solid Chocolate Easter Bunnies and More – All Made in Wisconsin

Sweettrio has Easter basket ideas from small to show-stopping. If you are looking for a great Easter basket centerpiece for a special child, grandchild (or even an adult), visit Sweettrio for amazing Wisconsin-made treats. Pick up one of our Signature Solid Floppy Ear Bunnies for Easter – and you will not feel that childhood disappointment of biting into a hollow, mass-produced bunny! Our treats are handcrafted in Grafton, Wisconsin from the finest European chocolate.

Our Caramel Apples are a unique addition to an Easter basket, or a great stand alone Easter gift idea. We offer a limited Easter edition of our M&M Gourmet Caramel Apple – these make a great holiday gift for your family members, clients, or employees. Try them as a prize for your corporate easter egg hunt, or as the center of an Easter basket for adults.

If you have a lot of Easter celebrations but not a lot of time, we can create custom Easter baskets, for adults or children. Our custom baskets make a great corporate gift at an unexpected time of year – stand out to your clients rather than getting lost in the Christmas candy shuffle. We are located just north of Milwaukee in Grafton, Wisconsin – visit us to experience our locally made chocolates in person, and remember that we can easily handle shipping for you.

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