Top 5 Party Candy Bar Dos and Don’ts

Candy bars are a common feature at weddings, as well as bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties. They can be a fun way for your guests to DIY their own memorable (and delicious) party favors. With years of experience in the world of sweets, we have some seasoned advice to share with anyone getting ready to create their own candy bar.

Do Pick a Theme: Your candy buffet theme can be as simple as your wedding colors, or you can pick something that your wedding location is famous for. Think of caramel apples for a rustic Door County wedding, or chocolate dipped pretzels and caramel corn for a circus-themed baby shower. A few creative candy themes that we like are:

Cocktail or wine theme – Martini or wine glasses for serving, treats flavored with liquor or wine, and candy for cocktail garnishes. Perfect for a bridal shower candy bar theme.

Milk and cookies – Great for all ages, or at the end of a long night of reception partying. Add our chocolate dipped Oreos or chocolate chip cookies for a luxurious touch.

S’mores – Fun for an outdoor wedding or casual party – a delicious and entertaining activity for both kids and adults. Sterno can work if a fire is not possible

Get Creative – Think beyond fruit for dipping – we have caramel pops, cake pops, Rice Krispy treats, cookies, brownie bites and more that can all go on a stick for easy dipping. Try a savory option like pretzels, or even potato chips or bacon to get truly wild!

Don’t Forget About the Environment: Will the site of your party impact your candy bar ideas? Will it be particularly hot or cold? Will you need special equipment to avoid melted candy or lukewarm hot cocoa? Consider portability – what type of containers will your guests need to ensure that their spoils get home safely? Will you need or have access to electricity to keep everything at the correct temperature, or to power the pump on that amazing chocolate fountain?

Do Go Local: Stocking your candy bar from local companies allows you to try products in person, avoiding unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. Mail ordered products can be cheap, but at what cost when they don’t taste great or are damaged in shipping? As a local artisan candy company, Sweettrio can produce custom wedding favors or candy bar items just for you. For example, we can make our malted milk balls in any color you can imagine. More delicate items, such as brownie bites or cake pops for  dipping can be safely picked up from our Grafton location in person – fresh and in perfect shape for your party.

Don’t Go Out of Season: This is particularly important if you want fresh fruit as a part of your candy bar. Cherries and strawberries in December may look pretty, but how much will they cost you, and how good will they taste? Out of season fruit has to travel a long distance, and is expensive. Stick with the seasons – here in Wisconsin and Illinois, think strawberries in summer, apples and pears in fall, and citrus and cranberries in the winter.

Do Consider Including Beverages: Can your dessert table serve two purposes, by offering both a sweets and a signature drink? Hot chocolate, candy themed cocktails, coffee, and wine all integrate well with sweet treats. From chocolate martinis to champagne truffles to salted caramel lattes, your imagination is the limit.

Putting together a candy buffet for your party guests can be the most fun part of planning your event. When searching for the perfect elements for your dessert table, be sure to visit Sweetrio for a custom tasting and our expert advice.

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