Local Gift Ideas for a Special Mother’s Day in Wisconsin

mothersdayLooking for a way to make Mother’s Day truly special this year? Here are some tips and ideas from a few of our favorite Wisconsin businesses. Why shop local? Your dollar goes further (and makes a bigger positive impact) when spent at Milwaukee-area businesses, and you can get fresh and high quality products – even at the last minute! Whether you are looking for a traditional gift like flowers (or our favorite – chocolate), or a new experience for Mom, we have suggestions for all.

Custom Flowers For Mother’s Day

Flowers are the most popular gift for Mother’s Day – classic and always appreciated. When searching for the best flowers for your mom, start at our favorite local florist – Bloomin’ Olive.

Bloomin’ Olive has been in business in Grafton, Wisconsin for 9 years. It is owned by Kim Meisinger, who worked in the floral business for over 20 years before opening her own shop. The name of the shop comes from a combination of two of her interests.  “My husband and I love martinis and collect martini accessories. Our original idea was to have a martini bar and floral company – so the name comes from the combination of those two – the olive would be in your martini!”

Are you a part of the $2 billion spent on flowers for Mother’s Day? For an amazing Mother’s Day gift, Kim suggests going custom. “We love doing original designs, or a designer’s choice arrangement. This way your gift will be something special – one of a kind for your mom.” An insider tip for getting the most for your dollar when buying floral gifts – “go to a brick and mortar store, us or any other, and talk to someone about what you want. You will get a much better value – your budget will get you more if you shop local for flowers.” Feminine and traditional orbold and modern, Bloomin’ Olive has an arrangement for your mom.

Kim appreciates all of her local customers, and  Bloomin’ Olive is ready to help them on Mother’s Day, or any other occasion. “It is important to support local businesses. Things are just more personable – we know our customers and they even become our friends.”

The Gift of Health – For Mind and Body

Are you looking to give Mom a break from daily life, and the ability to feel physically great? Fitness is an important part of many people’s lives, and trying something new for exercise is always a great idea for both motivation and results. Yoga is a great option, as it can provide relaxation to both your body and mind.

Marietta Pucillo has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and has owned Yama Yoga in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward neighborhood for 10 years. Her studio has something for every mom, from Hot Vinyasa to gentle prenatal classes.

Pucillo’s studio offers a great deal for anyone looking for an inexpensive yet valuable Mother’s Day gift idea. “I would recommend that you get your mother our introductory offer, which is 10 days for $10 – for only $10, you have 10 consecutive days to take as many classes as you can fit into your life – this is a great opportunity for mom to check out a few different classes. We have a class called Renew and Restore – a lovely class that is actually being taught by someone who is pregnant! I also have a beginner basics class offered on Wednesdays at noon that is being taught by a teacher who is pregnant – we have two moms-to-be teaching classes that would be a great choice for your mom.”

Supporting local Wisconsin businesses is something that Marietta strongly encourages. “At Yama Yoga, we are a pillar of the yoga community and are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month. In a small business like ours, we love helping people discover the benefits of yoga and continue to thrive, being in the practice for many years to come.”

This is a great choice if you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving. The also knows that the gift of learning yoga can help you even outside of class. Marietta knows that “yoga is an opportunity to change your perspective and change your thinking, it is a way to calm down, to quiet the mind and become more healthy in your body. You become more aware.”

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Sweet Trio  

We can’t finish talking about Mother’s Day gift ideas without mentioning chocolate! Whether you want to DIY, or trust our expert judgement, Sweet Trio can make all of the moms in your life happy. Visit us in Grafton, or call to assemble a custom Mother’s Day box of chocolates, or choose from our diverse pre-selected gift baskets and boxes. Does the mom you are shopping for have a more unique sweet tooth? Try our Brandy Caramel Sauce with Pretzels, or our striking Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Apple – it combines the flavors of sweet, salty, rich, and tart in one treat.

Even if the mom you are buying for likes to create her own sweet treats, we have gifts for the cook, baker or candy maker. From high quality European Chocolate Chips and Bars, to our famous caramel in jars or sticks, we have the supplies you need to take your homemade creations to the next level. All of our treats, from large gift boxes to a single truffle, come perfectly packaged and ready to give to the exceptional Mom in your life. We are even open on Sunday from 11am to 6pm to help – no judgement of last-minute shoppers!

A Special Mother’s Day – Made in Milwaukee

Local businesses can provide you with an amazing level of service, and truly memorable experiences.  Keep your money in Wisconsin by supporting local businesses on Mother’s Day – your gifts will be as rare and wonderful as the women you are celebrating.

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